Frequently Asked Questions

Do the apps within the Firestick need memberships to work?

99% of Kodi apps do not require memberships to work.

Is this the full set up for the fire stick so as soon as it arrives I just plug it into my tv to stream on my internet or do I need to purchase anything extra?

Everything is already set up for plug and play. You don't need to purchase anything extra.

Can you watch live sports with the fire stick and also are you able to get new show episodes like Grey's Anatomy, Survivor etc?

Yes you can watch Sports and Live TV using popular Kodi addons such as SportsDevil, ProSport, Castaway, cCloud TV, Phoenix, and many more.

Do I need internet or just WiFi ? I only have WIFI.

All contents are available online so you'll need internet to stream online content. You should already have internet in order to have WiFi. If you can go online from your WiFi to check email or search Google then you're good to go.

Do you have to have a smart TV ?

All our devices work on smart TV or non smart tv. As long as TV has an HDMI port it will work.

Do you get local TV ?

You will get all major network local channels but if you want local news or local programming in your area, we recommend an antenna. Antenna's are very cost efficient and work very well.

Is there a monthly fee ?

No there is no monthly fee, once you purchase the device there is no additional cost.

Do you offer support ?

Yes we have a group page on Facebook and YouTube with tutorial videos.

Do you get all the sports and fights that you'd normally have to pay for?

Yes you can watch them on the free live app on the devices and with the (NCTV) every channel is in HD quality.

What stations do you get with the devices?

Mobdro is a free live TV App and the channel list can be seen on our videos but the quality is not HD on that app. NCTV has better picture quality because it has paid servers that have multiple servers and TV guides as well.

Do you offer trade in?

Yes we do have a trade in program that you can trade in your old device toward an NCTV. Trade in program is for NCTV only.

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